Our Team


Allen Roberts

Chief Executive Officer

Allen is that key person every innovative group needs to take charge of the business, legal and regulatory things, so that innovators can innovate and remarkable products can see the light of day.

Brian Dunster

Executive Director

With a lifetime of experience building international businesses and leading international sales teams, Brian has fostered and supported the vision and team building that created Hydra-Light.

Mark Dansie

Operations & Engineering

Mark’s creative expertise and his quest for clean energy alternatives has been the driving force needed to turn innovative ideas into Hydra-Light products.

Michael Beer

Non-Executive Director, Finance Manager and Company Secretary

Hydra-Light draws heavily upon Michael’s experience in corporate financial management, positioning the company for its anticipated long term growth, as we work through the challenges and opportunities of early stage product innovation.

Ray Ludwig

Project Manager

Combining business experience, leadership savvy and a can-do attitude, Ray leads Hydra-Light in the areas of key partner development, media relations, and project leadership.

Ivan Kruglak

Lead Innovator

When Hydra-Light was nothing more than a material science theory, Ivan became our earliest supporter. Ivan’s innovation expertise and commitment of personal savings are the foundation on which Hydra-Light is built.

Arianne Pasagui

Lead Engineer

Arianne leads by example, 3D printed examples to be more specific. With highly advanced skills in CAD and state of the art 3D printing, Arianne physically produced our 3D prototypes, applying rugged design specs to ensure Hydra-Light is built to last under demanding, real world conditions.